Basisschool St. Jozef Oudewater

'Letting children be who they truly are' is very important in our school. We are extremely proud of our students' results and we always strive to stimulate their other qualities and talents. As well as the important core subjects such as reading, mathematics and language, we also offer a variety of courses including art, culture, and physical education. Our students also enjoy extracurricular activities which include the annual school camp.
We are innovative in the field of ICT and we work digitally in the majority of our core subjects. We believe that the essence of learning is by investigating, experiencing, and exploring. Therefore, this is increasingly integrated into our school's educational curriculum.
Following research carried out with parents of current students the consensus is that our education is contemporary with a real sense of community with a focus on performance. In addition, they appreciate our school's ambiance and open communication.
Our educational and pedagogical policies focus on English and internationalization, Kanjertraining, giftedness, and thematic work. Planning, collaboration, presentation skills and taking responsibility are important tools to enable our students to be successful at high school and in future society.

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Ga eens in gesprek met een van de ouders van de school. Zij delen hun ervaringen graag met u.
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